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The Mission:

Build social capital one client at a time

Our Story

Business is about relationships. More precisely, business is a process of building and exchanging social capital. We understand that process, and we understand how to build social capital through relationships that extend from the physical world into the social landscape and then further into the digital ether. Our application of psychology, scientific methodologies, emerging best practices, lifetimes of experience, and good solid work ethic provide us all the tools we need to ensure the success of your next software project.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy is sheet music for what you hope will be a brilliant performance. Sometimes it’s a seduction. Sometimes it’s warfare. Hopefully it’s rarely a comedy, and never ever do you want to create a tragedy. We understand how to play to your market and we will give you the instruments you need.

Product Management

Product Management is a practice that combines the most effective elements of all the disciplines. Product Management is the conductor of your total product strategy, uniting all your business units under a shared plan for business success. Our passion is product management and we would be delighted to show you why.

Software Development
From process automation, computer assisted decision making, social cohesion and communication tools, to new entirely digital business frontiers, good software has become one of the defining characteristic of a successful business. Benefit from our deep experience developing world class software.